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EMS workout




You achieve the same results in 20 minutes as with any other conventional training you can achieve in several hours.



EMS training targets around 300 muscles simultaneously.



EMS workout keeps your body engaged for up to 72 hours after your session.



According to current expert opinions and the latest safety standards, you should not have more than two session per week during the first eight to ten weeks of training. 



In one session of EMS training, you can burn up to 1000 calories in 15 minutes. You'll quickly burn calories with the this particular workout, making this an excellent technique to lose weight and burn fat.



EMS creates a unique effect on your body, by activating more muscle groups, with more frequent and active contractions – in short, more muscle contractions per minute of your workout compared to regular training. 

EMS uses a high-frequency electric current to signal muscle contractions in a way that is remarkably like the signals sent by our own central nervous system to the rest of our body. The current flows throughout your muscles and the contractions reach deep fibres of muscles you didn’t even know you had.

In more recent years it's become a favourite of celebs around the world, including MadonnaAlessandra Ambrosio, and even Tom Holland.

How does EMS

training work?


Is it safe?

Generally speaking, the electric currents that you are exposed to are completely harmless! The neural mechanism behind EMS is the same as your body’s own. The only difference is that the electric signal that causes the muscle to contract is applied externally.

Is it painful?

The sensations may be strong, when you use the device on high performance levels, but it can not hurt you. Anyway, it is better to be careful with load control to keep the experience pleasant.

What about support?

We provide personal support to all client by video calling or live visit within Palma, Calvia and Andratx regions of Mallorca island.

Is the usage time limited?

Yes, basic package offers 1 hour per day usage. Which is totally enough for up to 14 people, as each one may train 30 minutes per day 1 time per week.

Do I need internet connection to use?

You need it once to log in into your account, later it is working without internet.

May I train at not on board?

Yes! The equipment is totally mobile, you may take it wherever you like.

Does it need to be connected  to a plug to train?

To workout the plug is no needed, the solution is absolutely mobile. You only need the plug to recharge device and control tab.

What is the problem

with training on board?


Lack of space for diversified 

training equipment is

common for yachts.


There are so many important things to do instead of training

3-4 hours every week. ;)


Using free weights

for training on water

can be dangerous.

Yachts only

look big.

In reality training activity options are always limited.

Best Solution

Training with cutting-edge

Electric Muscle Stimulation


Reduces the time spent by 78%.

20-minute workout replaces a 90-minute conventional training.

No require special space

No wires.

No  internet access needed.

Super powerful.

Super safe.


Comfortable suit made from a seamless stretch fabric, it can be worn with workout clothes underneath. It counts with 20 electrodes designed to achieve a muscle contraction as pleasant and homogeneous as a natural one. The wiring is completely hidden, giving a clean and elegant image and total freedom of movement. 


Smart App designed specially for marine industry to provides countless opportunities to customize your experience, from choosing muscle stimulation frequency and time to creating  your own training protocols.

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