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  • 1 session Interval Hypoxic Therapy

1 session Interval Hypoxic Therapy


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Enhance blood oxygen capacity and metabolism by 20% with cutting-edge technology.


What is IHHT?

IHHT is a technique that consists of repeated exposures to 5-7 minutes of steady or progressive hypoxia, a condition when the body experience the lack of oxygen.


Forget Fatigue

Walk, run, workout longer and faster. Be able to spend more time active.

Look better

Higher oxygen levels boost collagen synthesis what makes skin look younger and fresher.


Feel great

Oxygen brings vitality. Sleep better and wake-up energized.


How does IHHT works?

Session consists of 5-7 short phases of hypoxia (low oxygen) interspersed with phases of hyperoxia (high oxygen).

Breathing gas mixtures are automatically supplied via the facial mask.


IHHT leads to increased blood oxygen capacity, which gives to your body a super-power to absorb more oxygen from ambient air.


What do you get with IHHT?

  • Boost metabolism

  • Improve stem cells regeneration

  • Improve brain neurons regeneration

  • Improve collagen synthesis 

  • Enhance tissue recovery

  • Boost immunity

  • Lower chronic inflammation

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Balance blood pressure

  • Improve cognitive performance



5-15 sessions every 4-6 months



During phases go hypoxia the body start the adaptation by producing new erythrocytes, a blood cells which are responsible for oxygen transportation to the body.

During phases of hyperopia the body gets immediate recovery, which makes process totally safe.



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