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  • Research shows that HBO promotes collagen, bone, tissue and cartilage repair and regeneration. HBO assists faster regeneration by increasing osteoblast, osteoclast and fibroblast production.

  • By promoting collagen production, the skin looks younger and healthier.

  • In addition, HBO helps in the generation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). The new blood vessels are formed in tissues where normal blood flow was decreased.

  • HBO has been proved to spur the brain to heal, even years after the initial result. At 30-40 treatment hours, brain scans show the brain to be growing new blood vessels, new nerve connections, bringing idling neurones back online and inducing remylination, thus leading to an overall increase in neuroplasticity.

Mitochondrial  Function Restoration

  • Both animal and human studies have shown that HBO can improve and restore the decreased mitochondrial function in different parts of our body, including the injured brain.

  • When undergoing HBO, the mitochondria in the body sense the change from very high oxygen levels back to normal oxygen levels, this is named the Hyperoxic-Hypoxic paradox. A key molecular mediator is triggered during this, named hypoxic induced factor 1alpha (HIF). When triggered, HIF unleashes several processes to cope with stress and many of the bodies regenerative and anti-inflammatory mechanism are initiated.

Enhanced Immune Function 

  • HBO has been clinically proven to increase superoxide dismutase throughout the body.

  • Superoxide dismutase is one of the body’s most crucial free-radical scavengers and acts as a powerful antioxidant and detoxification enzyme within the cell.

  • HBO also increases the rate of phagocytosis within the body (the process of white blood cells fighting infections) and stimulates the process of apoptosis (killing the old or poor functioning immune or cancer cells).

  • These steps are crucial for developing new cells, reducing inflammation and preventing chronic disease.

  • Oxygen is a potent virucial and anti-microbial leading to improved inflection control.

Stem Cell Recruitment

  • Clinical studies have shown that HBO induces stem cell mobilization from their storage in the bone marrow to the bloodstream, and from there to the entire body tissues.

  • Stem cells mobilized by HBO home in on tissues that have suffered damage and signal a need for regeneration.

  • HBO induces the differentiation of stem cells in the different tissues such as the heart, muscle, kidney and brain.

Reduced Inflammation

  • Studies show that HBOT reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine release. This mechanism has, in some research, been linked to ameliorating the inflammatory pathology of some acute and chronic diseases.

  • The pro-inflammatory cytokines suggested to be suppressed are IL-6 and IL-1 families.

Gene Manifestation

  • HBO has been demonstrated in several clinical studies to create long term change by modifying gene expression.

  • HBO induces epigenetic changes within the body, resulting in the switching on of growth and repair genes, and the switching off of inflammatory genes.

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