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Hyperbaric Oxygen for surgical recovery is a substantial and reasonable way to reduce symptoms and heal more quickly. Hyperbaric Oxygen can speed up the body’s recovery time by up to 75%

After surgery, every patient experiences some level of discomfort, pain, or long-term healing. Swelling, inflammation, and bruising are the usual culprits as well as the aesthetic agents themselves.

Hyperbaric Oxygen for surgical recovery is a substantial and reasonable way to reduce symptoms and heal more quickly. By nature of its beneficial effects for wound healing, HBO accelerates the healing of the wounds inflicted during surgery.

After even undergoing one HBO session, patients have experienced a significant reduction in swelling, bruising, and pain.

In addition, HBO reduces the chance of infection as oxygen acts as a potent antibacterial. When white blood cells receive enough oxygen, they can effectively kill bacteria, reduce swelling, and allow the rapid reproduction of new blood vessels.

Many leading surgeons are now recommending post-operative Hyperbaric Oxygen to help their patients heal as quickly and safely as possible.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Addresses The Wound Healing At A Deep Cellular Level.

  • Wounds need oxygen to be able to heal. One of the main purposes and effects of HBO is hyperoxygenation, which means that the blood can carry and deliver an increased amount of oxygen to the rest of the body. 

  • HBO reduces swelling, improves circulation, and stimulates the growth of new connective tissue, blood vessels, bone, and skin.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen is painless and can speed up recovery time by multiple days or weeks. This means a faster return home, to work, and to normal function. Hyperbaric Oxygen for post-surgical recovery has also been known to reduce scarring, which can be life-changing in cases of skin grafts or severe burns.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Helps Wound Healing By Bringing Oxygen-Rich Plasma To The Tissue Starved For Oxygen.

Skin Grafts and Flaps:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen was used on a failing facial flap, presented in the case report of a traumatic wound to the face caused by a pit bull attack on a 4-year-old girl. 

  • HBO resulted in remarkably decreased swelling and discomfort 

  • The patient was discharged 5 days later with a well perfused, mostly intact incision with minimal tenderness


  • Hyperbaric Oxygen has proven to be successful in the setting of staged prosthetic breast reconstruction 

  • 87.5% success rate of reconstruction when HBO is employed, compared to 14.2% success rate when HBO is not employed

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