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Hyperbaric Oxygen For Parkinson’s Disease With Severe Depression And Anxiety

  • Patients with Parkinson’s disease frequently suffer from psychiatric disorders

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen has been clinically proven to improve clinical assessment scores for depression and anxiety seen in Parkinson’s disease

  • The possible mechanism for this is that HBO could reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, which are known factors in the pathogenesis of PD

64 Year Old Female Suffering With PD Experiences Significant Changes After HBO

  • 30% improvement in upper body dyskinesia

  • 50% improvement in left leg tremor 

  • 30% improvement in walking 

  • 50% improvement with a range of motion and rigidity 

  • 50% improvement in freezing when walking 

  • Poor quality interrupted sleep turned into sleeping well 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Alleviates Tremors

  • 5 PD suffers all underwent HBO, all 5 patients reported a decrease in tremors and an overall improvement in general wellbeing. 

  • The benefit appeared to be sustained for approximately up to 5 months from the original treatment.

  • And if the benefit disappeared at some point, the re-establishment of HBO introduced the benefits again. 

  • There were no complications

  • The group reported balanced cerebral glucose metabolism, which indicated an improved oxygenation and energy production of the injured brain. 

Glutathione and HBOT to the Rescue

Glutathione is a powerful natural anti-oxidant, and patients with PD have a dangerously low level of glutathione in the affected area of the brain. HBO acts as a modality to boost stores of this protective antioxidant, which not only guards against further damage but also enhances the function of surviving neurons.

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